Saturday, June 28, 2008

Parking Ceritificate (shakosho - 車庫書)

For white plate car, parking certificate is a required document for ownership registration. Here are the procedures which I followed

1) I went to Police Station to get the form for Shakosho for free. It was a set of 6 papers.
2) I searched the parking space. The parking space must be around 2 km from your house.
3) properly filled out the first four papers and stamp clearly on every page with your inkan/hanko.
4) Drew the map of the parking space on the 5th paper. The parking space owner may provide you the map of the space. I just used Japan Google Map and stick it on the paper.
5) Asked the parking space owner to stamp (inkan/hanko) on the last paper.
6) Sent the completed form to the Police station again.
7) Paid 2,200Yen for the processing fee. The counter person gave the date when I can collect the shakosho which was 5 days later.
8) I picked up the shakosho certificate and paid another 550Yen for the certificate.
9) There was a parking sticker which was given together with the certificate to be sticked at the rear glass window.
10) The shakosho is valid for only 30 days. Thus, you have to manage your time to register your car.

when you search for the parking space, make sure the following term
1- charge fee for drawing the map
2- the deposit
3- monthly fee
4- snow clearance fee on winter season
I got to pay 2 and 3 only. Some company charge all 1, 2, 3 and 4.
I also found a company which charge the monthly fee only.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

coop card (seikyou kaado)

I think all Hokudai students must have this card. The card integrates two functions (as far as I know), as a prepaid card and credit card.

1) Prepaid Card
- There is a machine in Hokudai Cafeteria/Coop branches around Hokudai where we can reload the Hokudai Coop Card with some amount of money for example 1000 yen, 2000 yen..etc
- With the virtual money in the Coop Card, we can use it when we buy anything from Hokudai Coop shops/cafeterias . The money will be deducted automatically from the Card. For me, I can get rid of 1 yen coins from my wallet :D

2) Credit Card
- The credit limit is 100,000 yen
- Can be used worldwide
- Usually when we use it at any shops, the cashier will ask for how many times we want to pay the price/installment.
- no extra charge/interest for 2 times installment
- but if 3 times installment or more is chosen, be ready for the interest/charge which will be applied

How to apply?
- Go to the main Seikyou building (next to Clark Hall building, they called Kuraku Kaikan) and ask the person in charge for "SEIKYOU KAADO"
- bring together Alien Registeration Card and Student ID card
- fill out the form
- pay 1500 yen (1000 yen for Seikyou membership which will be returned back after graduation and 500 yen for temporary Seikyou card)
- wait for the Seikyou Card delivery to home address (about 2 weeks)
- return the temporary Seikyou card to the counter person and get 500 yen back
- ready to use!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Warung Jawa, Sapporo

You can find Halal meat, chicken as well as Asian ingredients here. The shop is divided into two sections, a cooking ingredients part and Indonesian restaurant part.

Address : Warung Jawa, Underground Zeus Building, Kita 14 Nishi 3, Kita-ku, Sapporo
Tel : 011-708-6880 ( Mrs Widya, she can speak Indonesian, English and Japanese)

北海道札幌市北区北14条西3丁目 ゼウスビル地下1F


For more info and map click here (Japanese)

Access : By 5 minutes walk to the north from Nanboku Line Subway Kita 12-jo. The shop is also located at the same road as the Sapporo Mosque.

online halal shops

online halal and asian shop (in English)
1) baticrom
2) tulip internationa
3) azhar halal foods

How to order?
Fill your online cart with what ever you want, even frozen stuffs.
Provide your home address.
Then the shop will send you the package through cash-on-delivery service.
When the package reach your home, just pay on the spot.


Malay term in baticrom store :

asam jawa - tamarind - タマリンド
kulit kayu manis - cinnamon- シナモン
serai - lemon grass - レモングラス
kulit popia - sping roll shell-春巻シェル
daun pandan - pandanus leaf
daun limau purut - lime leaf
daun pisang - banana lead
jantung pisang - banana blossom
kurma - dates
roti canai segera - paratha
santan - coconut milk/powder - ココナッツミルク/粉
biji selasih - basil seed
kunyit - turmeric - ウコン
jintan - cumin - クミン
halia - ginger - しょうが
lengkuas - galangal
daun sup - coriander - コリアンダー
belacan - shrimp paste
cuka - vinegar - 酢
buah pelaga - cardamon- カルダモン
ketumbar - coriander seeds - コリアンダー種
tepung pulut - glutinous flour - もち粉
tepung beras - rice flour-米粉

others that might be useful
bunga kantan - ginger bud
daun kesum - laksa leaves / Vietnamese mint
buah keras - candlenuts

* rempah Melayu dalam English dan 日本語

Taj Mahal Restaurant

Want to try gourmet from the country of curry? Taj Mahal Restaurant group has more than 2 branches in Sapporo. The restaurant claimed that they use halal poultry, meat and ingredients in their cooking.
For more info click here (English).
Don't forget to print the 10% coupon from the website ^_^;

Check the website for their offered menu.

* no pork in their menu, but beer and wine are sold.

Thai Mirch Restaurant

Halal Thai and Indian food in Sapporo under one roof. The restaurant claimed that they use halal poultry, meat and ingredient in their recipes.

For map and more info click here (Japanese).

Thai Mirch (タイ ミルチ) *Under Susukino shopping arcade roof, 2nd floor.
Tanukinouji 4 Choume, Minami 2 Kita 4, Chuou-ku, Sapporo
Tel : 011-221-4681
Open : Every day (except Sunday) 11:00~15:00/17:00~23:00

Food Selection : Thai (tom yam, Thai-style fried noodle and rice) Indian (Nan, briyani rice, various curry)
*no pork on the menu, but beer & wine are sold.

Updated Nov 10, 2009 : The Thai Mirch restoran was closed and being replaced by a new branch of Taj Mahal, at the same place..just change the BRAND.

There is also a small stall below the restoran which sells Halal Kebab. So more choices huh!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

hokudai international student center

Hokudai International Student Center (ryuugakusei sentaa - 留学生センター) is the center for foreign students to meet together, ask about anything, learn Japanese and etc. There are staffs who can speaks English, Chinese and of course Japanese. Here is the website.

I am attending Kanji Class at the center. Most of the times, I found many useful information at the bulletin board for example
- sightseing tour group
- giving away / selling out stuffs from previous students at low price
- current enforced laws/regulations in Japan

For foreign studens, this is the must-go place in Hokudai :)
Meet friends there!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

MISA : Malaysian in Sapporo

Currently there are about 25 Malaysians student studying in Hokkaido Univ in various fields and levels. We are united under the group of MISA (Malaysian in Sapporo). As a pretty small group we enjoy various activities such as eating, eating and eating..hahahha. If you are interested in our culture or country and also eating :) , don"t hesitate to contact me...

personal stamp (inkan - 印鑑)

Personal stamp might be useful for important matters in Japan such as buying a car, bank account etc. Where can you make it?

1- Making stamp

I just went to the key shop just in front of Hokudai Main Entrance and direct opposite to 7-eleven. I make my stamp with my name in katakana. It cost about 700Yen and takes only 15 minutes to be ready.

2- Stamp Registration

Then I brought the stamp to Ward office (yakusho-役所) together with my Alien Card (gaikokujin touroku shoumeisho - 外国人登録証明書). After they saved the shape of my stamp and entered my information into their database, they issued a Stamp Registration Card (inkan touroku shou - 印鑑登録証). I dont remember how much I paid for the process, may be around 500Yen. This card is important in order to get Stamp Registration Certificate (inkan touroku shoumeisho - 印鑑登録証明書). Stamp Registration Certificate is a required document for buying/selling a car.

3- How to get Stamp Registration Certificate

Since now you have your Stamp Card, if in any case you require the Stamp Certificate, you just need to show the Stamp Card at Ward Office and request for the Stamp Certificate. 350Yen for one issued Certificate.

taihen ne?!
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