Friday, October 16, 2009

10mths medical check up and polio vaccination

Yesterday we went for Iman's medical check up at Kitaku Health Center.
As usual, communication was the big problem. However the kindness of the staffs diminished the communication barrier.
At first, we register our attendance at the entrance, hand over the boshi techo and waited to be called.
After having some "chicken to duck" discussion about our baby development, our baby weight and height was measured. She was over 9 kg and sixty something in centimeter (I am having bad memory to remember numbers). A little bit heavy for a little 10mths girl :)
Then we met the doctor to have more detail on her body condition and so on.

I thought the polio vaccination will be given in the same session. But it was scheduled in the other time. We asked the staffs and they said the polio vaccination will be ONLY on October and May. They kindly give us the schedule for October and we were lucky that one of the session would be in the afternoon, yesterday. So, we went out to have lunch and returned back in the afternoon.

The polio vaccination was given in liquid form to be drunk by the baby, not through injection. After the vaccination, the baby should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes. One of my friend's baby vomit the liquid immediately after drink. She was detained for detailed examination. I don't know what happened next, since we just went home immediately after the vaccination. Iman did not showed any rejection toward the vaccination. yokatta ne..

The second polio vaccination would be the next May 2010. Just don't miss it.
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